There is something exciting happening in the Garden in every season on Prince Edward Island.

"You were gracious and attended to every detail of our stay. 

Lovely vintage home beautifully decorated. 

Scrumptious breakfast buffets invitingly presented. 
Very pretty outdoor flowerscape.  Thank-you!"

JoAnn & Bill - Ohio

Victoria Inn

There is something exciting happening in the

garden in every season on Prince Edward Island.

From the moment that we linger in the dreamy

haze of Spring and feel that first stirring of the

gentle wind as Daffodils nudge upwards. 

It is not long before Early Summer is ready to

tiptoe around the corner on  soft green feet with

the fat fuzzy buds of the Oriental Poppies raising their heads.  

Then the gardens at Victoria Inn are awash in

colours inspired by a painter's palette, along

with all of Prince Edward Island blazing forth in drifts of Lupins and Dame's Rocket. 

In the lazy days of Summer yellow Goldenrod

and dancing Queen Anne's Lace will blanket the Island as bees drone on gathering their bounty

and birds trill their joy.

In its Grand Finale the Garden brings us the luxurious golden days of Autumn where the

world is drenched in flaming beauty.

Join us as we enjoy the triumphs
and face the challenges of our
gardening adventure!


"Thank-you Leighton & Camellia for your beautiful Inn and Gardens. 

We enjoyed our stay completely.  Breakfast was delicious surrounded by all the beautiful flowers and trees in the front garden.  The bed could not have been more comfortable. 

What a wonderful place to come back to after spending the day exploring the Island

and spending time with friends.  Thanks for making it such a memorable experience. 

It was our first time staying in a B&B."
Kate & Dave - Littleton, Maine & Duxbury, Massachusetts

"You have thought about so many things to make our stay very comfortable. 

And we appreciate all the lovely flowers in these beautiful surroundings. 

Great Breakfast.  Thanks for your hospitality.  We love it here - will return."
Roger & Diane, and Evelyn - St. John's, Newfoundland

​The thrill of digging in the dirt!