"I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here in a historic,

clean, well-appointed Inn.  Breakfast was superb

along with genuine accommodation of my tricycle. 

It has four stars for a reason...."
Ken – Cheshire, Connecticut

​So much to see around every turn.

Whether you choose a spontaneous adventure

to see where the next bend in the red dirt road takes you,

embark on a pulse-pounding ride
along the shores of the mighty Atlantic,
or enjoy a leisurely stroll in a quaint seaside village 
it is guaranteed to be memorable!

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Victoria Inn! 

Leighton provided a wealth of information and helpful tips about the Island,

and Camellia prepared a delicious breakfast each morning. 

We especially enjoyed the homemade jellies. 

We would highly recommend staying at Victoria Inn!"

Kelder & Heather - Sylva, North Carolina

When rail travel came to an end on Prince Edward Island
many of the tracks were converted to an extensive cycling

and hiking trail.  The Confederation Trail is perhaps the

most well known bicycle route on the Island.

Victoria Inn is only 100 meters away from the nearest

entrance to the Confederation Trail . 

​Explore Prince Edward  Island

Victoria Inn

​By Car, on Foot, or by Bicycle, there is so Much to See on PEI!

Besides the Confederation Trail there are beautiful views

of New London Bay on the Homestead Trail  in Cavendish,
and the Woodlands Trail  in Stanhope takes you

through majestic evergreen forests.

"After riding a few hours on Confederation Trail, 
a cool pitcher of lemon water & frosted glasses were

a welcome treat.  The gardens are beautiful. 

Ferndale room is calm & restful. 
Breakfast was complete - beautifully set, and provided

the nourishment we needed for a bicycle adventure. 
Thank-you also for the secure storage of our bicycles!"

Margaret - Dorchester, Ontario